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Montauk St. Patrick's Day Parade

Our main purpose is to organize and raise funds for a St. Patrick's Day Parade. Our annual St. Patrick's Day Parade is a big event in our community, attracting large crowds and enjoyment for all.

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Montauk St. Patrick's Day Parade

If you, your group, organization, business, etc., would like to participate by being in the Montauk St. Patrick's Day Parade please submit your participation form for consideration.


The Montauk Friends of Erin

The Montauk Friends of Erin is a Local Fundraising organization, which main goal is to support the St. Patrick's Day Parade and related activities. We have also broadened our purpose to include scholarships for our outstanding students along with sponsoring little league activities for boys and girls.


Parade Grand Marshals

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Jim Grimes

Photo of Jim Grimes

The 61st Annual Montauk Friends of Erin St. Patrick’s Day Parade will take place on Sunday, March 26th, 2023. This year’s Grand Marshal is Jimmy Grimes. Jimmy will march with the Montauk Friends of Erin in the NYC parade on March 17th, and will lead the Montauk parade on March 26th!

A fourth-generation resident of Montauk, Jim, his wife, and their three children are all invested in the community. He is a Town Trustee and owner of Fort Pond Native Plants, as well as a member of a long list of service groups including the Montauk Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Montauk Fire Department, Boy Scouts of America Troop 136, where he was named the Distinguished Citizen of the Year, 2018, Montauk Historical Society Trustee, Montauk Lions Club, St. Therese Catholic Church Building Committee, New York State Invasive Plant Council, East Hampton Nature Preserve Committee, and Co-Chair of the Harbor Management Committee.

Congratulations on an honor well deserved!

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Marilyn Behan

Photo of Marilyn Behan

A resident of Montauk for over 50 years, Marilyn is a familiar, friendly face around town. Born in Flushing Hospital, Queens, and daughter to Marion and Jim Sullivan, Marilyn was an army brat. After graduating from St Agnes High School, Marilyn went on to pursue a business/secretarial degree from Catherine Gibbs in Manhattan.  With a degree in hand, Marilyngot a job working for the art director at American Home Products, and moved into NYC where she lived and worked for 5 years.

Marilyn first met John Behan, her future husband, at the age of 16. They reconnected years later at the Behan restaurant in Queens, and were married in ’68. This is when their Montauk adventure began.

Marilyn’s involvement in Montauk covers a wide range of experiences. From owning and running a liquor store with John, being a long-time member of the Montauk Village Association,serving as the Executive Director of Montauk Chamber of Commerce, and working part-time at the medical clinic, to being the wife of a Politician in Albany while raising three kids here in Montauk. In addition to working, she volunteered at school events, and as a boy scout and girl scout leader.

In 1995 during the administration of Governor George L. Pataki, John was appointed to become the director of the State Division of Veterans Affairs. At this point, the kids were grown, so Marilyn retired from the Chamber and moved with John to Albany. She worked for Governor Pataki on the MAT-Marketing, Tourism and Advertising Program. While in this position, she became an advocate for Montauk with the state, helping market tourism. She also ran the ‘I Love to Ski Program’ for the state of NY.

In 2001, with Marilyn and John retired and at home, she decided she needed a job. So, Marilyn joined the Uihlein family. For ten years, she worked at the Uihlein’s Marina and Hotel in Montauk; running everything from day-to-day office operations, to staff training, and billing.  

In addition to everything else, Marilyn Behan has a long history as a volunteer with the Montauk Friends of Erin. It started early on when John and his father were members. She and some of the other wives volunteered to support the group’s activities.  This evolved into her being a part of the FOE Ladies Auxiliary; she is still an active part of the group today.

In 1988, John, with Marilyn’s help, decided to hold a St. Patrick’s Grand Marshal Luncheon to honor the outgoing Grand Marshal, as well as to welcome the new one. She and John continued hosting the luncheons for many years. Last year, after a few years away, she decided to pick up the job again.

Marilyn also keeps busy with her children- Bridget, Jason and Danielle, Jack and Nancy, and grandchildren- Samantha, Jack, Harry, Teddy and William. She told me that she loves fishing,and baking; her treats can be enjoyed at The Shagwong, where she is their dessert chef.

With an infinite number of acquaintances, friends, and family members, Marilyn is a cherished member of the Montauk Community. Her years of dedication to her family and our community makes her a perfect choice for the 2022 60th Grand Marshal.


Charlie Morici Sr.

Photo of Charlie Morici Sr.

Charles “Charlie” Morici, Our Grand Marshal for the 58th Montauk Friends of Erin St Patrick’s Day Parade has a long history here in Montauk. Join us on March 22nd, when honoree Charlie Morici wearing the traditional top hat, tails, and sash while sporting an Irish shillelagh leads the 58th annual Parade through Montauk.

Charlie’s parents came to Montauk in 1948 and never left. Charlie grew up with his parents and sister, attending the Montauk School and East Hampton High School. After High School, at the age of 17, Charlie joined the United States Air Force. He served 9 years as Airman 1st Class working as an aircraft mechanic. While in the service he married Betty Rose Martell, another Montauk resident.

He and Betty were married in 1958, and had four children. After 61 years together, Charlie’s wife Betty passed away in June; during our conversation, I could still hear the sadness in his voice as he spoke of her.  Charlie and Betty raised their children, Chucky, Debbie, Patty and Kenny here in Montauk. He is now a Grandfather of three. Three of his children, Chucky, Debbie and Patty still live here in Montauk, while Kenny has moved away to Baldwin where he and his wife raise their two children.

Not long after working as a traffic control officer for East Hampton, while on leave from the Air Force, he decided to leave the service and join the East Hampton Police Department. In 1978 as an officer, he earned Police Officer of the year. Through the years, Charlie worked his way up the ranks; to Detective, then Sargent, to Detective Sargent, and finally Lieutenant. In 1986, after a long 21 year career, Charlie retired. However, he continued serving our community with the Montauk FD.

Charlie has been serving Montauk with his involvement in the Fire Department since 1965.  “I love the community, that’s why we all do it, that’s why we are all in the MFD- It’s a community effort!” He told me during our conversation. Charlie started out in Engine Company 2 and continues to be a part of the MFD as a member of the Fire Police Company 6, as well as the Ambulance Squad making about 100 runs a year.  

In addition to his service on squads, Charlie has received many commendations from the Montauk Fire Department over the years, and has served on several committees. Over 50 yearsof continuous service; even earning fireman of the year in 1976 and being named Driver of the Year for the Ambulance Squad many times, most recently in 2017. Approximately five years ago he received an award for making 1500 ambulance calls.

It’s apparent that serving his community is important to Charlie. He’s dedicated decades to theUnited States and the entire EH community.

Congratulations Charlie – the Friends of Erin are thrilled you’ve accepted their invitation, you deserve it, and they hope you’ll enjoy the festivities.


Gordon Ryan

Photo of Gordon Ryan

Gordon Ryan has been an attorney in Montauk since the mid-1970s. He was selected for his more than 30 years of contributions and service to the community.